Our wishlist for contributions and donations

Are you doing a little late summer cleaning?

Remember: the West Philly Tool Library accepts all manner of in-kind donations.  Please contact us to confirm we can use your item and make arrangements to drop it off (or have us pick it up).  Remember, as a 501(c)(3), all donations to the Tool Library are tax deductible to the extent permitted under law.

Following are some things we can always use and others that we particularly need right now.   (Please add your comments for items you think WPTL members need more of — we’ll likely incorporate those into the body of this list as time permits):


– Cordless Drill.  Quality cordless drills and other cordless tools with working charger and battery. Generally, a quality cordless tool comes with two batteries — lesser types with a single battery or built-in battery tend to wind up with ruined batteries very quickly, because users try to finish their project by repeatedly half-way charging the one battery available to them.

– Weed Wacker.  During spring-summer-fall, we can’t buy enough of these. We are currently trying to concentrate our inventory on Black & Decker Grass Hog models, to simplify maintenance and provide a consistent experience for our members.

– Hammer Drills.  Corded and cordless, hammer drills / cordless hammer drill-drivers are a versatile tool in high demand. Masonry drill bits and chisels (especially for SDS-chuck types) can be quite expensive, so donations of these items can also help us a lot and provide a significant tax write-off for you.

– Pressure Washer.  WPTL may resort to requiring training/certification for members borrowing expensive items like this: they have proved a challenge to maintain in circulation. We will gladly accept donations of any working electric or gas-powered types.

– Air Compressor / Framing nailers.  Many air compressor kits include finish nailers, so it’s the framing nailer we tend to need most. Like pressure washers, the compressor itself is an expensive item that has proved difficult to maintain in circulation, and a member certification requirement is under discussion to make sure the units stay in good repair for all of our members

– Table Saw.  We currently have only one, portable, table saw. A couple more would flesh out our inventory and keep members moving on those larger projects or for fine woodworking.

– Extension Ladder.  This is an item we are short of year-round. Fall is coming, and extension ladders will be in even higher demand for gutter cleanouts.

– The Silent Paint Remover : Model 1100-14. Infra-red paint stripper.



– Computers.  One of our dreams is to assemble the resources to operate separate check-in and check-out stations, and/or provide members the ability to search our computerized catalog on their own, while in the library. Additional computers capable of running a recent version of Windows would be step one toward any of these goals.


– Collated nails (especially finish nails 16 and 18 gauge for our nailers)

– Wood screws

– Small parts organizers

– Plywood (full sheets)

– Sand paper.  All types: loose sheets, square pads, orbital pads, belts of all sizes — you name it and our members need it.

– Masonry bits.  This is an expensive item we can always use more of.

– Printer paper.

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