Join the Energy Co-op & Support your Tool Library

The Tool Library and The Energy Co-op are excited to announce a new partnership.

For every person that joins the Energy Co-op through a referral from the Tool Library, the Co-op will give the Tool Library $20.

Why should you join the Energy Co-op?

Renewable energy. The Energy Co-op offers two plans. EcoChoice20 is 15% windpower, 5% solar, and 80% standard energy. EcoChoice100 is 99% windpower and 1% solar. All of its energy is generated by turbines and solar panels here in Pennsylvania.

Affordable electricity. Currently, PECO charges 9.91c per kilowatt/hour (kWh). The Energy Co-op’s EcoChoice20 Plan is 9.85c per kWh. Its EcoChoice100 Plan is 10.95c per kWh.

Here’s how your monthly bill would compare if your household uses 700 kWh:

The Energy Co-op also charges an annual co-op membership (just like the Tool Library) of $15.

Support Cooperatives. The Energy Co-op is the only non-profit, member-owned energy supplier today. Just like the Tool Library, the Energy Co-op doesn’t operate just to make a profit for its shareholders.

Help the Tool Library. Did we mention that the Energy Co-op will give the Tool Library $20 for every person who joins the Energy Co-op?

It’s Easy. When you’re ready to join, you’ll need your PECO Account Number. Then go here. On the second page, where it asks you how you heard about the Energy Co-op, write “Tool Library.”

If you prefer, we have paper copies of the application available at the Tool Library.

More information about The Energy Co-op’s electricity programs is available on their website.

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