Become a Lifetime Member now (before Lifetime Membership rates go up on January 1!)

game-of-lifeHave you ever considered becoming a lifetime member of the Tool Library?  If so, you might want to act now.  Effective January 1, we’re raising our lifetime membership rates from $200 to $400.

If you have never been a member before, click here to become a Lifetime Member.

If you have been a member before, click here to renew your membership as a Lifetime Member.

Or just come in the Tool Library and you can pay in person.

Since we opened the doors to the Tool Library in 2007, we’ve tried hard to make sure that money would never be a barrier for neighbors to borrow the tools that they need.  In 2011, we moved from a flat $20 annual membership to a voluntary sliding scale based on one’s income.  But we’ve always kept the lowest rate at $20 per year.  And we’ve never asked to hold a credit card number or demanded a different type of collateral.

The cost of running the Tool Library continues to increase and grant funding has become more difficult to secure.  Today, even though we run a really tight ship, memberships and late fees still only cover about half of our expenses.

This year, we started asking members for their feedback on how we can move towards greater self-sufficiency.  Many of you responded enthusiastically to our successful indiegogo campaign (and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!)  Others pointed out that even though we more than doubled our top annual membership rate back in 2011, we never changed the lifetime membership.  They were right.

So in just 28 days, if you want to be a lifetime member of the Tool Library, you’ll need to shell out $400.  But if you want to join your 60 neighbors who like the Tool Library as much as you do and realize a good deal when they see it, you can join now for $200.

But, as they say on TV, act now, because one this deal is over, it’s not coming back.

Thanks again for supporting your Tool Library.

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