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Squirrel Hill Falls Park Clean-Up Day

A group of over 25 local philadelphias, mostly from west philly, came together Sunday afternoon to help clean-up Squirrel Hill Falls Park, located at 48th and Chester Ave. The park has been closed for some time and the Clean-Up Day was

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Purpleheart mirror corners

I used a WPTL router table and bit to rout the decorative corners, then used a table saw to carefully slice them into proper size. The mirror is actually supported by the standard cheap plastic clips, but the wood corners

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Dado blade simplifies simple computer display stand

Builder: Robert Monk Electric WPTL’s adjustable dado cutting blade, for table saws, allows one to join planks into each other for extra strength without the need for angle braces or excessive fasteners. Note that the width of a dado cutting setup

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My whole house

Builder: Benjamin White I renovated my whole house in January and February after buying it in December. I have very few tool of my own so my membership at the tool library definitely gets a lot of the credit for

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Shelving for kitchen corner

Ailanthus House needed more shelving in the wasted space between our refrigerator and the corner behind it. So we borrowed from WPTL a speed-square, chalk line, level, circular saw, finish nailer and contour guage to supplement tools already on-hand, and

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Hanging branches

Builder:  Diana Jih Hung some pretty branches and lights from the plywood ceiling in my storage loft. Thanks tool library for hooks, supplies, and super friendly support!

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My deck

Builder: Michael & friends We used a combination of tools from the library, our own tools, and friends’ tools to tear down the old building on the back of our house and build a new deck. Tool Library tools included:

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College Bedroom Loft + Extension + Hammock + HDTV 10ft in the air

Builder:  Alex Shahery and friendsSo I’m a student at UPenn living with 11 other friends of mine in an 8-bedroom house at 41st and Pine.Phase 1: We did a lottery to see who gets what room and I got last

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Deck and PixelWall

Builder:  Sutter Wehmeier New back deck of Ecolife treated pine built with tools from WPTL. The PixelWall is a collage of end-grain Texas mesquite. Next up: staining the deck and building a large mirror for the wall to make the tiny

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Rose Arbor

Builder:  Sutter Wehmeier Rose arbor built with tools from WPTL. Since this photo was taken, the rose vine has clambered up the right side and is about to turn the corner to provide an overhead canopy. Looking forward to the blooms

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When are we open?

Monday - Thursday:
5:30pm to 8:30pm

Saturday: 9:00am to 3:00pm

Where are we?

1314 S. 47th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19143

We are in a warehouse on the west side of S. 47th Street about 200 feet south of Woodland Avenue.

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Who are we?

The West Philly Tool Library loans tools to community members so they can perform simple home maintenance, tend their yards and gardens, build furniture, start projects, and learn new skills in a safe and affordable manner.