Become an Individual Member

To join the Tool Library, stop by during out hours of operation, or join today by completing the on-line application below. If you’d prefer to print-out the application and complete it by hand, click here for a downloadable and printable form.

After joining, but before you borrow your first tools, we will ask you to show us two forms of identification, including one that is a government-issued photo ID (like a drivers license) and one that includes your current address. We also ask you for the names and phone numbers of two references. These should be people, preferably local residents, who have known you for awhile and who could vouch for your reliability in returning tools timely.

We will also ask you to read and sign our tool lending policy and waiver of liability form.

After you submit this form, you will be asked to pay your membership dues via Pay Pal or mail. Your membership application is not complete until you pay your membership dues.

The Tool Library uses a voluntary sliding scale membership fee schedule. We ask that you pay between $20 and $50 per year based on your individual income.

Here’s what we suggest:

Annual Income Annual Membership
up to $25,000 $20
$25,000 to $50,000 $30
$50,000 to $75,000 $40
above $75,000 $50

Consider becoming a Lifetime Member for $400 if you can swing it. If you’re planning on being in the neighborhood for awhile–like us–you’ll be glad you did in a few years. Plus, the upfront money will help the Tool Library buy more tools that you can borrow.

STEP 1: Click here to complete the application form.

STEP 2: Pay your annual membership dues online.
You may also pay in person at the Tool Library with cash, checks, or money order (but no credit cards.)

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