Borrowing Tools

What tools does WPTL carry?

WPTL carries around 4000 tools which includes a pretty vast array of power tools, hand tools, gardening tools, and even some automotive tools.  You can check out our inventory [here].

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How does WPTL make sure no one steals the tools?

The Tool Library is a community project operated by community residents from Philadelphia. We hope that community members will return the tools promptly and without undue damage. In order to help to ensure that tools are returned, however, we ask that all members provide two forms of identification (including one government-issued photo ID and one ID with a current address) and provide the names and contact information of two [...]

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Can I renew a tool if I need it longer than seven days?

Yes, but you need to bring the tool(s) in on or before the original due date and there are no guarantees about whether you can keep the tool(s) for an additional week. We do not renew tools via phone or email. All renewals are made at the discretion of the tool librarian on duty, who will take tool popularity, inventory and borrower history into account when making the decision. [...]

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What if I don’t know how to use the tool I’d like to borrow?

While we encourage all of our members to explore building projects beyond their immediate comfort zone, we can't ignore the fact that we have a number of tools (saws in particular) that can do some real damage. If you aren't confident and comfortable operating a particular tools, consider signing up for a one of our classes to get some hands on instruction!

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Can the tool librarians tell me what tools I need for my project?

Yes! Well, usually. Tools librarians love nothing more than hearing about your projects and discussing best practices/strategies for tackling them. That being said, each tool librarian has different background  knowledge. Some certainly know more about carpentry than car repair, while others have lots of experience gardening. If the tool librarian working doesn't know, another member might be eavesdropping and have just the solution!

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What if I break or lose a tool?

Before members borrow their first tools, they must read and sign our tool borrowing policy. Members are expected to return the tools in the same condition as they were issued, barring normal wear and tear. The member is expected to pay for the loss of or damage to any tool.

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How do I borrow tools?

Once you're a member, you can just come on in any time that we're open, grab whatever tools you need, and then check them out with the tool librarian working at the front desk.

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