How Much It Costs

How much does it cost to borrow tools?

Nothing. OK, OK, there are some exceptions: if you return tools late or fail to return them, there may be some costs associated with borrowing. But for the most part, you can check out as many tools as you want per year for only the cost of your annual membership, which is usually less than you'd pay to rent a tool for one hour at a big box store. [...]

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Do you charge late fees?

Yes. The Tool Library charges $1.00 per tool per day. The $1.00 fee will only be enforced for days that the tool library is operating. Example: your tool is due back on Wednesday, but you don't return it until Tuesday of the following week. That week, WPTL was open for their normal schedule, so the late fee would be $4.00 per tool (Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday); if we had [...]

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How much are annual membership dues?

Membership dues are on a sliding scale based on annual self-reported income. We rely on the honor system and ask members to pay only as much as they are able. Further, we have memberships for individuals and for organizations, and you can even give someone a gift membership. View our suggested annual dues at our Membership page, and while you're there, consider becoming a Lifetime Member. [...]

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